Master of Business Administration (MBA) Examination

III Semester

(Management Information System)

Time : 3 Hours]                                                                                               [Max. Marks : 80

1.         Information processing for decision support will differ depending on whether the Decision is structured or unstructured. Explain why this is true. Choose one structured and one unstructured decision to illustrate your explanation.

2.         (a) Explain physical and conceptual structure of MIS.

(b) Explain role of MIS in an organisation.

3.         Explain planning, implementation and controlling of MIS.

4.         What is flaw chart? Explain the symbol used in flowchart? Draw a flowchart to find factorial of a given number.

5.         Decision making process is different at different levels of management. Explain.

6.         Describe the design considerations for designing of a Software.

7.         Emphasis should be given on security and control issues in information system. Justify.

8.         Write short notes on :

(a)        Telecommunication System

(b)        Sequential and Indexed Sequential File

(c)        Computer System Software and Application Software.