Master of Business Administration (MBA) Examination

III Semester

(Financial Systems and Services)

Time : 3 Hours] .                                                                                             [Max. Marks : 80

Section A

1.         Discuss the factors, which led the Indian Financial markets into Global Financial markets.

2.         Explain briefly the major developments in Indian stock market structure in the last decade.

3.         Mutual funds are an important segment of financial markets. How is this role performed? Also discus the management of a mutual fund company.

4.         Write short notes on: (a) E-banking    (b) IFRS

5.         What is Venture Capital? Briefly discuss the venture capital scenario in


Section B

XYZ Builders Ltd. need to acquire the use of a crane for their construction business, and are considering buying or leasing a crane. The crane costs Rs. 10,00.000, and is subject to the straight line method of depreciation to a zero salvage value at the end of 5 years, In contrast, the lease rent is Rs. 2,20,000 per year to be paid in advance each year for 5 years. XYZ Builders Ltd. can raise debt at 14 per cent payable in equal annual installments, each', installment due at the beginning of the year. The company is in the 50 per cent tax bracket. Should it lease or buy the crane?