March 2012

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Examination

I Semester

IT and E-Business Fundamentals

Time 3 Hours]                                                                                                    [Max. Marks 50

Note : Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1.      (a)     What is Computer System? Discuss all units of Computer System and its functions.

         (b)     Describe the latest input devices and its applications.

2.      (a)     What is Operating System? Discuss the functions of Operating System.

         (b)     What is Computer Language? Discuss the use of different types of computer higher level languages.

3.      (a)     Difference between :

         (i)      Application Software and System Software.

         (ii)     Compilers and Interpreters.

         (b)     Convert the following:

         (i)      (47933.125)10 = (?)16

         (ii)     (A2BF.2B)16 = (?)2.

4.      (a)     What is DBMS ? Discuss the various features of MS-Access.

         (b)     How to create the good business presentation? Write down all the steps with suitable example.

5.      (a)     What is e-Business? Discuss the frame work of e-business.

         (b)     Discuss the different types of e-business models.

6.      (a)     What is e-payment? Discuss the different types of e- payment system with suitable example.

         (b)     What is firewalls? Also explain how to implement the firewall in any e-business application?

7.      (a)     Discuss the Internet based EDI system.

         (b)     Write down the disadvantage of Internet.

8.      Write a short notes on the following:

         (a)     Web Portals and Vortals.

         (b)     Political Issue in e-commerce.