March 2009

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Examination

I Semester

I.T. Fundamentals

Time : 3 Hours]                                                                                               [Max. Marks : 70

Note :           Attempt any five questions, All questions carry equal marks.

1.      (a)        What are High Level Languages? Why are they known as Problem Oriented Languages? Name ten high level languages.

         (b)        A machine language instruction has a two-part format. Identify these parts and discuss the function of each. How mnemonic is helpful in case of computer languages ?

2.      (a)        What is Secondary Storage? How does it differ from Primary Storage? 'The storage approach selected for a particular application is determined by the way of the data are organized and processed." Discuss the statement.

         (b)        Distinguish between word addressable and Character- addressable Computers. Discuss their relative advantages and disadvantages.

'                    How many bytes will be required to store the word "MEMORY" in (i) a character-addressable computer and (ii) in word-addressable computer having word length of 64 bits.

3.      (a)        Define Multiprogramming. Explain how multiprogramming ensures effective utilization of main memory and CPU. Differentiate between the terms throughput and turnaround time.

         (b)        Is UNIX a multi user operating system? Elaborate the relationship of Kernel and Shell in UNIX operating system. Also describe UNIX pipes and filters.

4.      (a)        How to manage large projects in MS-WORD ? Clearly describe the following points in your answer :

(i)         Coordinating writing with others track changes.

(ii)        Import, export and convert documents.

(iii)       Saving word documents in a foreign formats

(iv)       Table of contents and Index creation.

(v)        Advanced Macros and Visual Basic for application.

(b)        How to present your project in PowerPoint? Describe graphics and animation effects in slides.

5.      (a)        What is Excel Sheet? Differentiate between Workbook and Worksheet. Describe financial and statistical functions used in MS-EXCEL.

         (b)        Describe management; design and querying tools used in MS-ACCESS. How concurrency control and recovery of databases can be done in MS-ACCESS ?

6.      (a)        How communication between computers is established in internet? Describe intemet and Extranet.

         (b)        Explain Domain Name. How domain name can be registered? Why www uses URI 2 Also explain the web browsers and its typical features.

7.      (a)        Describe the role of Information Technology in the working of organization in today's' environment. Your answer should be specific and must cover 4GL, image processing, virtual reality, Al, video conferencing etc.

         (b)        What is meant by Search Engines? Describe the various categories of Search Engines.

8.      Briefly describe the following :

(a)        Portals

(b)        Firewalls

(c)        Web Server and Web Client

(d)       Electronic Money Transfer

(e)        Online Transaction.