December 2007 / January 2008

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Examination

I Semester

I.T. Fundamentals

Time : 3 Hours ]                                                                                              [ Max. Marks : 70

Note : Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1.         (a)        How many types of software are there? Describe them by giving two examples of each.

            (b)        What is a compiler? Why it is required. How does an interpreter differ from a compiler.

. 2.       (a)        What is meant by 'generation' in computer terminology? How many computer generations are there till now?

            (b)        What is the difference between a positional and a non-positional number system?

            Give examples of both types of number systems.

3.         (a)        "The operating system tends to isolate the hardware from the  user." Discuss this statement.

            (b)        Describe the hierarchical file system of UNIX operating system.

4.         (a)        Differentiate the FORMS and DATABASE menua of MS-WORD.

            (b)        How a report can be geerated in MS-ACCESS?

5.         (a)        How many function categories in MS-EXCEL? Explain any five  financial functions in MS-EXCEL

            (b)        Describe the slide show of Power Point.

6.         (a)        Explain various types of intemet connections.

            (b)        Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of intemet.

7.         (a)        Write an illustrative note on "Impact and future of information  technology in business organizations."

            (b)        Differentiate between virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

8.         Briefly describe :

            (a)        Search Engines.

            (b)        Information Super Highways

            (c)        Using Worksheet as Databases

            (d)       Features of WINDOWS Operating System.