March 2012

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Examination

I Semester

(Business Communication)

Time 3 Hours]                                                                                                 [Max. Marks 80

Note : Attempt any four questions from Section A. Each question in Section A carries 15 marks. Section B is compulsory and carres 20 marks.

Section A)

1.      Explain the process of communication with the help of Shannon Weaver Mathematical model and Berlo's SMCR model. Discuss the importance of feedback.

2.      Discuss how you can put to use the grapevine form of communication for organizational effectiveness.

3.      "Listening is an art and like any other art, it has to be cultivated consciously." Discuss.

4.      Your company is considering a proposal to make an in-house canteen for office employees. Your office has around 200 employees. Make a report to give the estimate of the area, manpower, and money required to set up and run the canteen.

5.      Smith .and Jones company have placed an order with you for goods worth Rs. 10 lakh on three months credit and have given clean bank reference. However, you have learnt that they are unreliable and do not deserve credit. Write a tactful credit refusal letter.

6.      Write short notes on : (any two)

(a)     Non Verbal Communication.

(b)     Barriers to Effective Communication.

(c)     Preparing for and Conducting Presentations.

Section B)

7. Read the case carefully and answer the questions at the end of the case:


It was Saturday afternoon and Reisti was determined to take care of all pending correspondence before leaving for the weekend. A few days back, he had received a memo from John, a sales representative, which went like this:

'Last week I made a sales presentation to Riverside Electronics and carried two briefcases with me-my regular one plus a second one filled with brochures and pamphlets. At the conclusion of my presentation, I distributed the brochures, picked up my regular briefcase and left-completely forgetting about my other suitcase. When I discovered the following morning what had happened, I immediately called Riverside Electronics, but so far they have been unable to locate the suitcase. This leather suitcase was around a month old and cost $275.70. Since the company policy manual states that employees will be reimbursed for all reasonable costs of carrying their assigned duties, may I please be reimbursed for the loss of the briefcase? The cash memo is attached.'

Reisti has been thinking about this situation all week long, he had even discussed it with Borde, Marketing Chief, who has told him to make whatever decision he thought was reasonable.. John is. a good sales representative and the policy manual does contatirrthe exact sentence he has quoted. On the other hand, Reisti feels that assuming responsibilities for such mistakes would not only be expensive but also might encourage padded expense accounts. Finally, Reisti decides to do two things. First, he will write a memo to all the sales staff, interpreting more fully the company policy. He wants the sales staff to know that in future he intends to interpret this policy to mean that any personal property that is stolen will be reimbursed at present value only if reasonable care has been taken to secure such property, if the incident is reported within two working days, and if the value can be determined. Any sales representative can, however, appeal Reisti's decisions to Borde. Second, because the present policy may not have beeh sufficiently clear, Reisti will write a memo to John and agree to his reimbursement request.


1.      How reasonable was John's claim? Was the intent of the policy clear? Should Reisti have reimbursed him? Why or why not?

2.      How reasonable is John's interpretation of the company policy?

3.      Compose the two documents that Reisti intends to write : the memo to the sales staff and the memo to John. Format them in appropriate styles.