March 2009

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Examination

I Semester

Business. Communication

Time : 3 Hours)                                                                                               [Max. Marks : 90

Note : Attempt any three questions from Section A Section B is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.

(Section A)

1.      Explain:

(a)     Communication Process.

(b)     Communication Models.

2.      What is Effective Listening? Explain essential elements of effective listening.

3.      "A Business Letter should be so heard that it can replace the writer as completely as possible." Discuss.

4.      Explain various steps to be taken for a report presentation.

5.      Write short notes on any two of the following :

(a)     Transactional Analysis.

(b)     Writing the Perfect Resume.

(c)     Print and Electronic Media.

(d)    Barriers to Communication.

(Section B)


Melvin Snyder, factory superintendent, takes trips through the factory at different hours and on different days. He likes to talk with the operative employees and ask them questions about their work. their families, the material they are using, and the machine being operated. He believes such conversation makes for better morale and also lets him know what is taking place in the shop.

Every Monday morning at the weekly production meeting he brings up some aspect of information picked up from the previous weeks shop visits and asks for an explanation of it. Usually his Production) management personnel answers him, but Snyder continues asking about other bits of information he received until his associate are unable to

answer or inform him that he has erroneous information. Snyder, however, insists that the operative employees are telling him the truth and sometimes he points out that the same information is given him by different employees in different departments. Some of his associates have suggested they accompany Snyder during his shop tours, but he will have no part of this, stating that the operators will not talk when their immediate supervisor or more than one management member is with him. He claims the friendly sincere atmosphere he has achieved with many of the workers in the shop is a definite advantage and helps communication, and he doesn't want to jeopardize it in any way.

Snyder is not entirely satisfied with his production management associates. In his judgment his production control manager. Benjamin Lake, just doesn't seem to comprehend what he is told. Snyder admits the manufacturing work. is getting quite complicated but it asks him when Benny just stands there and replies, "yes" "yes" "yes". Snyder has noticed that Benny says he understands a request or a suggestion or a change given to him, but then proceeds to go about his work as if nothing had been said to him. Snyder would like to promote the assistant production control manager Tom Roth, to the production control manager's job, but he doesn't know what. to do with Benny.

This morning while on a plant tour he talked with a production control clerk who told him Tom was leaving the company for a better paying job. In reply to Snyder's questions, "Where, he going? he was told, “He's going to work for his father in law who owns a thinking business."

That afternoon, Snyder summoned Benny Lake to his office.

Snyder             : Benny, I understand Tom is leaving the company. Is that true?

Lake                : Yes Sir. That is what he told me couple of days ago.

Snyder             : How come you did not the me?

Lake                : Well Sir, I thought he might change his mind. It's not certain yet as I understand it.

Snyder             : It doesn't sound good to me.

Lake                :  If he does leave, we will Just have to do the best we can without him and we have some capable people in production control I didn't want to bother you with problems of my department, Mr. Snyder.

Snyder             : Bother? That's no bother I want to know about matters like this.

Lake                : Yes Sir.


1.      What is the problem the company faces ? Discuss.

2.      Are Melvin Snyder's actions generally good or generally bad for the company? Why?

3.      Discuss the TA roles potrayed in this case. .

4.      What action do you recommend the company take ? Be sure to include how you would implement your proposed action.