March 2011

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Examination

I Semester

(Business Legislation)

Time 3 Hours)                                                                                                     (Max. Marks 80

Note : Attempt three questions from Section A. Section B is compulsory.

Section A

1.      (a)     "A contract without consideration is void." Discuss the above rule and state its exceptions.

         (b)     What do you understand by free consent ? When is the consent not free ?

2.      (a)     Discuss the remedies available to the seller on the Breach of Contract under Sales of Goods Act.

         (b)     Distinguish between Actual Delivery and Constructive Delivery.

3.      (a)     Explain the salient features of Negotiable Instrument Act.

(b)     Explain holder and holder in due course.

4.      (a)     Explain the utility of Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

         (b)     Discuss the remedies available to an aggrieved consumer.

5.      (a)     Explain the modes of dissolution of partnership firm.

         (b)     Discuss the rights and liabilities of an outgoing partner.

(Section B)

1.      ‘A', hires a vehicle from 'B'. The vehicle is unsafe but does not know it. 'A'    is injured while driving the vehicle. 'A brings a suit for damage against 'B' pleads that he did not know about the defect in the vehicle. Will 'B' be held liable for damage ?

2.      ‘A' goes to a milk dealer and buys milk for family use. At the time of the sale the milk dealer gives 'A' a printed statement that the milk was free from the germs of disease. The milk supplied contains typhoid getms, in consequence where of A's wife is infected and dies. Discuss the liability of milk dealer.