Dec 2014

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Examination

1 Semester

(Business Legislation)

Time 3 Hours) [Max. Marks 80

Note : Attempt any four questions from Section A. Section B is compulsory.

Section A

1. (a) How is a valid contract transformed into a void contract ?

(b) Distinguish between a void agreement and a void contract.

2. How a contract of sale is made under the Sale of Goods Act, 1930?

3. What is meant by dishonour of negotiable instruments ? Discuss its type.'

4. Discuss the procedure of winding up by the court.

5. (a) What are the various grounds on which a complaint can be made by consumer?

(b) What are the power of the Consumer Forums ?

 6. Write short notes on any two of the following :

(a) Liabilities of partners

(b) Minority Protection

(c) Quasi Contracts

(d) Partnership Agreements.

Section B

7. (a) Classify the under mentioned transactions into contract of sale and agreement to sell, with reasons :

(i) 'A' buys a wristwatch from '13' on 5th Dec. and the price to be paid after- a week.

(ii) 'A' agrees to sell his book to B. 'ET agrees to purchase.

(iii) 'A agrees to buy the wristwatch from 'B'. on the condition that If It is approved by A'S father.

(b) State giving reasons whether the following are partnerships :

(i) Two bus companies each having 12 partners combine by an agreement Into one firm.

(ii) A and B jointly own a boat which they use for rousing on Sundays and holidays and occasionally let it on hire and equally divide the earnings,

(iii) Several men form an association to which each partner contributes Rs. 500 annually.

The purpose is to produce cloth for distributing free to war windows.