December 2007/January 2008

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Examination

I Semester

(Business And Economic Environment)

Time : 3 Hours ]                                                                                  [ Max. Marks : 90

Note : Attempt any three questions from Section A. Section B is compulsory.

(Section A)

1.        What are the basic features of free market economy? What factors influenced privatization around the world?

2.        (a)      hat are the basic objectives of 1985 Long Term Fiscal Policy?

           (b)      Is high progressive taxes on income helped growth?

3.        What social and cultural factors influence business environment?

4.        What are the factors which influence technical change? What are the relative advantages? Disadvantages of import of technology vis-a-viscapital?

5.        What are basic principles of WTO? What is dispute settlement system under W.T.O.?

(Section B)

           (a)      Discuss the factors on which the Elasticity of Demand depends.

           (b)      What is Globalisation? Enumerate the various steps taken in India towards Globalisation.


           (a)      Explain the responsibilities of society towards business.

           (b)      How better environment can be created to protect consumers? Explain.